ClearCore Electronics LLC is a Utah based women owned business engaged in research and development of electronic and electromechanical systems.
Our engineers are innovative in the areas of software design and analog and digital hardware with operating frequencies ranging from DC to multi-GHz. One of our strong points is in the area of system architecture and design where we make use of non-developmental items and open standards to reduce development time and cost. We are capable of developing and delivering complete systems including PCB layout, assembly, and systems integration. Optimizing systems for Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) and Cost is one of our strong points.

ClearCore’s Salt Lake City, Utah facility includes office space, laboratory space, and model shop capability.


Adaptive Submarine Sonar Telemetry (ASST)

As a subcontractor to Exelis Acoustic Systems, on a US Navy-funded program, ClearCore Engineers have made key contributions in developing an Ethernet-based telemetry capable of synchronizing acoustic data within tens of nanoseconds. Although developed for sonar, the standards-based technology could easily be applied to any data-acquisition application.

Power Distribution Module (PDM)

A DC power supply intended to run in a small, submerged enclosure. A two-phase AC power source of varying frequency is converted to a DC output power source. This was developed under contract for another company.

Consulting Services

ClearCore engineers have provided consulting services in the following disciplines:

  • Software Development Consulting
  • Electronics Engineering Consulting
  • Power System Engineering Consulting
  • Systems Engineering Consulting


Electronics Manufacturing

ClearCore Electronics has efficient electronics manufacturing capabilities.

  • Electronics Rapid Prototyping

We can work with electronics designers for very rapid turn around of electronics prototypes. This lowers the cost and duration of electronics development projects. We also have electronics engineers and software engineers on staff to assist in design or troubleshooting of electronics components.

  • Low-Cost Electronics Prototyping

Our expertise at design and manufacturing allows us to reduce the overall costs of both design and production, particularly for prototypes.

  • Low-Volume Electronics Production, Medium-Volume Electronics Production

Our electronics production rates are very cost competitive for quantities from one to thousands of articles. We produce electronic circuit card assemblies, integrated electronic assemblies, and simple mechanical support assemblies.

  • Low-Cost Electronics Production

Our low-overhead production capabilities make us very cost competitive, particular for orders less than 10,000 units, although larger orders can be considered. No order is to small, we will consider orders as small as a single production unit.

Electronics Design and Consulting Services

ClearCore Electronics engineers have extensive electronics design and consulting experience. Our electrical engineers have decades of experience with digital, analog, and power supply design. Our software engineers are experts at embedded programming for specialty designs.

Consulting Services

ClearCore Electronics engineers can consult with a company to help that company develop electronic products. We have experience in both commercial and military products, with recent experience in marine products for naval applications. Our naval applications include sonar systems which require extremely high input impedance data acquisition electronics. These electrical designs could easily be applied to any application requiring high input impedance. Our design team has experience in research and development, enabling us to provide specialized support to R&D programs.

  • Electronics development consulting
  • R&D electronics consulting
  • Military electronics consulting
  • Marine electronics consulting
  • High-input impedance data acquisition designs
  • Synchronized data acquisition

Custom Electronic Designs

ClearCore Electronics can design and manufacture a special-purpose electronics, with embedded software if needed, with no upfront costs if there is a follow-on market where the product can be sold. We can provide support for either commercial or military electronics. Our expertise in difficult environments, particularly marine environments, enables us to meet challenging design requirements.

  • Electronics product development
  • Military electronics development
  • Marine electronics development
  • Data acquisition product development
  • High-input impedance product development
  • Synchronized data-acquisition product development

Power Supply Design

ClearCore Electronics power supply design expertise has been applied to a variety of applications from small, low-power designs to large, high-power designs and Battery chargers. We can provide power supply design consulting to help with customer designs, or we can design new power supply development products to meet customer requirements.

  • Power supply development consulting
  • Power supply product development
  • High-power power supply designs
  • Low-power power supply designs
  • Battery charger designs

Contact Us

To contact a ClearCore representative, please use one of the following contact methods:

  • Email: info at clearcore dot com
  • Phone: (801)810-9602